Ways to Help the Cinema

Empire Electric Palace Theatre (Crook) is a charity with the Registered Charity no. 1164008 

As you can imagine, it is going to take a lot of work, time, effort and money to get the theatre back up and running, so we can’t do this without your help. Like all community groups there are many ways that you can get involved, and one of the biggest and most important is to ‘be there’ – be there to help support the group and offer ideas on how to make our dreams a reality.

So far we have been trying to drive the project forward with a few people and we have achieved a lot but now we need to start to widen the group and are asking you to sign up and support us all in a wider group; to hopefully take part in the various fundraising events and to follow us all the way through to that wonderful opening night.

Become a Friend.

We would also invite you to become a Friend of the Empire Electric Palace Cinema with 3 types of membership.

As a SUPPORTER we will keep you in touch with how things are going as the project progresses and of events planned along the way. Simply provide us with your email address and a small donation towards the theatre.

As a FRIEND naturally we will keep you in touch with the progression of the project but this also offers you the chance to book in advance of anybody else for any event we organise and be invited to the special events related to the opening of the theatre itself. We ask that you contribute a minimum of £5 a year (£10 family membership).

As a CHARTER FRIEND you will be that special person who commits to the project – this is a limited group of 250 who are ‘in at the start’ and who truly help to drive the project forward – you get the best seats at the opening, advance information and your Charter Friendship truly helps to fund the project by providing the initial funding that all projects such as this really need. We ask that you contribute at least £50 to cover your first 5 years membership (£100 family) (once Charter memberships are ‘sold out’ this level of contribution will revert to FRIEND status).

The income from your membership, at any level, is VITAL to the success of this project. Any money which we have or make is invested in the project and the fabric of the building. We do hope you will be able to help.

Please choose one of the options Below to provide us with the relevant information.

Join our 500 club.

Not only does this help us with regular funding, but it is your chance to win some money.

Via Total Giving

It maybe that you just want to make a one off payment and what better way than through the internet. Click on the link here. Any donations of £50 or more will be offered to become a Chartered Member (Subject to availability)

Cash Donations

As many may be unable or comfortable with internet donations we have a point where  cash donations can be made at Freshcleandry Clean in Crook. We can also arrange a direct Bank Transfer if required.


6 Church Street
Co. Durham
DL15 9BG